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Our products

Virtual office

Discover our complete solution of teleworking, on public, private or hybrid Cloud.


Desktop Anywhere integrates email, telephone, collaboration tools and other essential computer services within a single Cloud solution in Belgium.


Externalisation of your collaborative messaging solution, for a better and lower-priced security.


Exclusively hosted on our servers in Belgium.


Make your life simple by eliminating the installation of a standard telephone switchboard and local telephone lines.


This solution is completely integrated in our Desktop Anywhere solution in order to benefit from interaction with Outlook (voice messages and chat history in the form of emails, etc.).

Backup system and data

We take backups of your data and your whole system onsite and online, on our servers located in Belgium.


Data is backed up on a daily basis, without any intervention on your part. The retention function enables older versions of your data to be recovered.

Software development

If you don’t find the right software on the market corresponding to your needs, our Analysts/programmers are at your service to create and taylor it.


For you, we develop a full software and additional functionalities for your software already in place so that they meet all your expectations.

Website development

For you, Pluritech can develop all kinds of websites; simpler or more complex ones, like e-commerce, extranet, etc.


Our developers can implement specific functionality requirements for your website to meet a certain demand. Your website will become a proper tool which will increase the efficiency of your company.



We propose an independent consultancy and we take the necessary time to find the solution that best fits your needs. We adapt ourselves to your activity, your situation and we respect your existing providers.


Our goal: to provide you with an objective opinion and the best piece of advice, allowing you to take the fitting decision.



Our team provides the general IT helpdesk 24/7 for all your other requests and troubleshooting:

installation, configuration and help for the PC, smartphone, tablet, printer etc.


Our engineers provide support for your Desktop Anywhere platform 24/7.


We are committed to provide you with the hardware fitting your needs and to offer the best working guarantees. Our reactivity allows a quick delivery and reduces the impact on the activity of your company.


We also take care of the after-sales support and we put our competences at your disposal to help you choose the most cost-efficient software.

IT Outsourcing

After a first audit, we put in place your new infrastructure, maintaining your business continuity. We take care of the follow-up, the assistance, the maintenance and the security of your IT in order to safeguard its initial quality.


We stand by you to maintain, adapt, make evolve, optimize the architecture of your IT depending on the requirements of your business.

Our services

Founded in 1991, Pluritech started its activities as taylor-made software designers.


Thanks to our long term experience, we propose now a full range of IT products and solutions aimed at SME’s and businesses:


  • Design and management of your IT
  • Backup solutions
  • Externalisation, private and hybrid cloud
  • Hardware and software sales
  • Audit and advice
  • Externalized messaging solution

Present in Brussels and Liège, we cover the whole Belgian territory and work in French, Dutch and English.


Depending on your needs and requests, we help you remotely or on premises.


The quality of service is our priority: we are available 24/24 and 365 days a year. We propose you the most up to date technical solutions fitting your specific requirements.


Whether it’s for implementation of public, hybrid or private Cloud solutions or design of applications for iPhone, PC or websites…

With Pluritech, you are in safe hands.

About us

multiple spheres

of competence


We operate as a partner who analyses, guides, and advises the client depending on his needs and wishes.

a single



Our account managers act as the central point of contact, ensuring efficient collaboration between the various parties (you, our engineers, equipment, internet and telecom providers, etc.).




For more than 20 years, we put our expertise at the service of SMEs, professional associations, industries, universities, etc., who are looking for a reliable partner for their information technology management.




All our employees are certified in their area of expertise, follow continuing education and speak French, Dutch and English.

Our strengths

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